This unique group coaching + course + content library will take you from Instagram frustration, overwhelm & confusion to confidently generating leads (and dollars!)

Are you busy? This program was designed for you.

Instagram is a great marketing tool when leveraged properly, but I'm guessing you’d rather NOT spend your time figuring out what to post, how to "show-up" on stories, which hashtags are useful vs. pointless... and Reels?


What the heck are those?


With a little guidance, you can optimize your efforts (and time) and get Instagram to work for you. So much so that your ideal clients and patients...  

  • find YOUR account when searching
  • consistently see YOUR content
  • and inquire with YOU
  • … even if you have a small following.  

And I’ve created a robust library of wellness-centered content so you never have to burn time crafting the perfect post- just copy, paste, add your unique flair- done...and the best get access to the Content Library for 6 months!


All so you can focus your time on what you do best: helping people heal and feel their best!

What's Included?


Mini intensives that go over ONE Instagram strategy at a time. No fluff. Watch on your lunch break or in between patients & implement right away.

A HUGE (and growing) wellness-focused content library full of photos, graphics, pre-researched hashtag lists, and copy & paste caption templates.


Mini cash flow plan so you can quickly recoup your investment in the program.



Access to a private Facebook community for daily support. Ask questions, get feedback, share your wins, collaborate with each other & more.


Monthly Support calls so you can get all of your questions answered!

"Molly's Instagram guidance helped me solidify my place in the market as the go-to prenatal/postnatal and pediatric chiropractor AND GET MORE INQUIRIES. Holistic Marketing Hub taught me how to use Instagram to encourage retention for existing PATIENTS! Both of which have grown the practice, which isn't surprising considering how important social media is today."


Dr. Christina Binder, DC


Don’t worry — all lessons, trainings, and content will be updated as Instagram changes. So you’ll always have up-to-the-minute Instagram strategies to leverage YOUR lead generation efforts. 

 This is NOT one of those IG courses that goes out of date before you even finish!

"Molly is an absolute pro in her niche. As a healthcare provider, I found that NONE of the other Instagram marketing programs offered really applied to my business. Enter Holistic Marketing Hub. She helped this fairly tech-illiterate doc to understand IG marketing... and actually enjoy it. Not to mention, I met some amazing friends during the course of my program! 10/10"


Dr. Carleigh Golightly, ND


  • pre-work: instagram 101
  • classroom zero: getting clear on your messaging/perfecting your bio
  • classroom one: understanding what actually matters on instagram in 2021
  • classroom two: interpreting your insights
  • classroom three: how to build community + grow engagement
  • classroom four: what do i post? content rotation strategy
  • classroom five: how to choose effective hashtags
  • classroom six: instagram stories
  • 6A: story highlights 6B: advanced story design
  • classroom seven: instagram reels
  • classroom eight: igtv
  • classroom nine: instagram live
  • classroom ten: cash flow plan
  • classroom eleven: dm strategy
  • classroom twelve: instagram guides
  • classroom thirteen: email marketing


Stop wondering what the heck you’re going to post about on a given day — I’ve done that work for you!

Get access to my robust library of done-for-you, wellness-centered content for 6 months (with the option to renew!)

Think photos, pre-vetted hashtags, and caption templates + prompts.

Click HERE for a peek at all the captions!

Content topics like:

  • Gut health + probiotics
  • Chiropractic specific posts for pediatric/prenatal/sports/family & more
  • Doula/birth posts
  • Heart health
  • Holistic health
  • Choosing a healthcare provider
  • Women’s health + breastfeeding
  • Exercise, stretching + strength training
  • Supplements + vitamins
  • Graphics of motivational quotes + funny memes
  • and so much more!

Don’t see something specific? We update the library regularly. Plus, you can make requests directly in the library and we’ll generate new templates for you!


  • You’re a chiropractor, ND, health coach, acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner, health coach, or in the holistic health space
  • You’re frustrated with your current traction and growth on Instagram — or haven’t even considered Instagram as a marketing tool
  • You value your time and want the most CURRENT and PROVEN strategies that will actually deliver RESULTS
  • Your office manager, assistant or other staff member manages your IG account and you want them to learn the tricks-of-the-trade
  • You’ve invested in Instagram-related courses that are already outdated thanks to an ever-changing algorithm and features

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You want to grow your followers just for the sake of "having more followers"
  • You aren't able to commit to implementing what you learn
  • You're interested in becoming an influencer

Followers and likes DON’T matter. At least not in the way you think.

Having the right followers matters more than having a lot of disengaged ones

How many people you reach matters more than how many people “like” a post 

And someone NOT liking a post doesn’t mean they didn’t read or engage with it

🤪 Is your head spinning? I’m here to straighten it out for you.​

The algorithm makes you crazy… I keep you sane. 

As an Instagram expert and marketing coach, I help health and wellness pros like you use Instagram to grow your business.


I have a pretty different view of the platform than most experts. To me, Instagram isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a tool for growth. My goal is to get you away from the comparison spiral and teach you to focus on what really matters: brand awareness and leads — NOT comments and likes.


I’m obsessed with all things wellness. From chiropractic care to functional medicine to acupuncture to the brain-body connection and everything in between — it’s my jam.  


I wish more people would realize that they can play an active role in their health, and this is why I want to help YOU spread your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

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